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Functionality finds its aesthetic form in the meticulous planning both of the integration of the various elements

on the available space and in the careful research of construction materials and furnishings.

It surprises with design elements studied in detail, to be able to convey an innate sense of care and rest.


Villa al Sole permits our Guests to dwell:

in our spaces, the harmony of the elements together with the ingenuity of the development of the components, create a kind of natural habitat for every soul.

The underlying elegance accompanied by the purity of the conceived spaces creates a playful balance

that pervades the woods, stones and fabrics wrapping our Guests in a pleasant cloud of peace.

Here are some details - in detail:

Pietra Piasentina
Pietra Piasentina.jpg

Pietra Piasentina

The denomination "Piasentina Stone" derives from an amusing anecdote originating from Friuli, according to which the major contractors of Udine described it in the local dialect as "una pietra che la piase" - "a stone that pleases", as it was extremely appreciated for both its physical and aesthetic qualities.

The first evidence of the use of this marvellous stone dates back to Roman times, but in the centuries following it has customarily been used for the realisation of sculptures, buildings, and important monumental works, even by Palladio.

Today Piasentina stone is known as the Friulian stone par excellence, and is one of the most popular products in the field of architecture for its extraordinary colour shades and for its easy adaptation for use both inside and out.

In our most recent apartments, the Piasentina stone is used both in bathrooms and kitchens, offering our Guests the chance to live in close contact with this extraordinary material: after a shower, for example, the water dripping on the stone creates a natural atmosphere which guarantees relaxation and connection. 

Wood and Fabrics

The wood that has been used in the apartments is both antique and new: some apartments feature turn-of-the-century "stube" wood, including floors, others have been recently refurbished using traditionally and carefully crafted woodpanels. 


The cozy mountain fabrics match these warm wooden floors and elements in a way to create a feeling of crisp and energizing relaxation. 


Please click here to find out what story lies behind our carpets and how they contribute to your well-being during your stay.  


wood and fabrics


high-end kitchen appliances

High-end kitchen appliances

You know that feeling when you want to cook something, and wonder if you have all the needed appliances? 

Well, we take great care in making sure that the apartments, according to their size and capacity, are equipped with all necessary items. We love to deliver well-functioning and professionally taken care of apartments, so that your holiday can enjoy the right setting. 

Light plays a crucial role in our spaces: the geometric play offered by the sun during the day has been the inspiration behind creating a light-play that starts at dusk.


Thoughtfully placed lighted seating areas for reading, optimal lighting in the bathroom and an intuitive system to change the setting according to the needs. 

Featured designers: Kartell, Henge, Terzani, Flos, Tom Dixon.


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